OPINION: INDEPENDENT MESSAGE TO NIGERIANS. social responsibility — A key to our National growth.

 OPINION: INDEPENDENT MESSAGE TO NIGERIANS. social responsibility — A key to our National growth.

By Guluhun Peter Ibrahim. 

Every year we come out in colors, celebrating how independent we are as a nation. Yet, still experience backwardness in many areas. The government, in various levels have done their best to ensure that we all enjoy our fundamental rights. Thought as humans they are prone to mistakes.

Many administrations and political platforms have put in their ‘best’; striving hard to deliver but are met with various challenges and variables. In all times, the masses are always at the receiving end. This is a pity to a country who have been independent for years.

I have not come out to praise any administration because as a student of ‘behavior, ‘ I understand that every administration had/have it’s advantages and disadvantages, achievements and failures.

Carl Rogers and Maslow made it clear that every individual posesses a good part; despite his/her weaknesses. The ying and yang of Chinese tradition further made it explicit that the individual can be viewed in two dimensions: good and bad. I can stand to tell how every administration has done their best and also how they got it wrong.

The tradition has always been to divert from one political platform to the other. Repeating the same process whenever we feel that a particular one has failed us. But has it always been the solution to our problems? Maybe in some areas yes. What then should be the final solution?

August Comte and other functionalist theorists in sociology, views the society as comprising of different interrelated parts that contributes to make the society a better place. Going by their assertions: if the family, police, church, mosque, government, military, paramilitary, businesses, groups and so forth, can preach and act peace, integrity, faithfulness, commitment, and so forth; the society will be a better place to live.

Social responsibility entails doing what is morally right to the betterment of humanity. Covid-19 is in existence but everyday we hear stories of how people utilise their little position to oppress others. This is not channelled to only those in higher authorities but market men/women are inclusive. There have been cases whereby drivers increase the amount of transportation fare for no justifiable reason. We must be socially responsible.

Just imagine if “everyone” in Nigeria decides to be socially responsible at all times, there is no limit to what we can achieve as a nation. The government of Nigeria through the National Orientation Agency, earlier staged a campaign: “change begins with me” what they actually meant was for everyone to be socially responsible. My lecturer in Unijos: Prof. Orshi Julie Enewa — A social psychologist once said: the environment reciprocates whatever you give to it. And the activity of man has not been favourable to the environment, thus we experience natural disasters year in and out. Prof. Ejikeme G. G. — A lecturer in University of Jos, always emphasizes that ‘what ever is worth doing, is worth doing well’.

I still believe that Nigeria will be great again. But then: let’s all think towards being socially responsible as a nation. Happy INDEPENDENCE to all NIGERIANS.

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