How Religion is Destroying us

 How Religion is Destroying us

By Rikwense Muri

Our Nigerian youths and Africans in general, are spending nights in Churches and Mosques, meanwhile, youths in China, America, Belgium, etc are using their time to INVENT, INNOVATE, PUT THEIR IDEAS INTO REALITY, thinking of setting up small businesses, being YouTube sensations, etc. 

When are we going to learn that spending days in Churches or any other religious places will not help better the future of Nigeria?

The world economies didn’t become that by dancing in Churches or spending a whole day in Mosques. Their young minds have been working hard and being industrious with their time, and we use the apps and tech they develop. 

We are a consumer nation because we don’t produce, we don’t produce because we are always in Churches or Mosques, waiting for God! God however never built any of these places. When man was created he was placed in the garden, a place of hard work, research, personal development and inspiration. 

Man was to represent God in his labour to make the world better. This was part of his duty as co-labourer with God. This was to bring glory to God for creating such an intelligent being with an assignment to build a paradise on earth beginning from Eden.

Today Africa has become a hub of religious experience without productive service. We have institutionalized religion and destroyed governance and service to humanity. Our religions are busy building high walls in society instead of bridges for people to cross over and experience better lives. We separate spiritual things from our physical wellbeing while in reality we were created in the image of God with spiritual, physical and social responsibility to one another. 

We have been brainwashed to think that only when we give towards religious development that we truly attract God’s favour. But it is there in both the Holy Bible and the Glorious Qur’an, we see that what moves the heart of God is when we put efforts to lessen the suffering of humanity and make the world a better place. In fact, my Bible tells me that on the last day, God’s judgment will center on our efforts to help someone and lessen the suffering of humanity. Jesus makes it clear that many great preachers and miracle workers will be disappointed when they face the judgment of God. 

In our land today, the major cause of setback is religion without godliness. We lessen the sufferings of the religious institutions but care less about the community and our common humanity. The money we can use to do research or open businesses or invest in businesses we have used it for seed sowing or pilgrimage! Religion is really putting us in problems that will take us years to come out of.

Despite our religiosity, we remain the highest consumers with the highest rate of corruption, poverty, disease and death. Meanwhile, others remain the highest donors, producers with good statistics of decent service-driven government, good life and longevity.

That’s why I am saying, don’t be deceived again! Building a better society is part of our responsibility to God of which we must give an account before God on the judgment day. Heal the world, make it a better place.

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