2023: Atiku Abubakar most proficient to lead Nigeria

 2023: Atiku Abubakar most proficient to lead Nigeria 

Nelson Dimas

Writes from Jalingo.

When it comes to issues of life and death great leaders do not act frivolously. Mindful and proactive leaders know how to repeat success patterns while also eliminating failure patterns. 

The Man for this task must not be a  saint, as no one is infallible. And that man is Atiku Abubakar. Even in the face of prosecution with baseless and unverified charges, those who have monitored him closely can attest to his stability and maturity. He has indeed taken everything in its strides and not an ounce is diminished from his virtues.

If some of my superiors can make a case for the incumbent leader of this country in spite of  his continued insensitivity and cluelessness, then I have the freedom to choose whoever I feel is more capable and sensitive to the needs of the masses. Although power belongs to the supreme creator and no one can alter what he chooses to do.

Since everyone is looking for a lesser devil, I go with the man Atiku. He has proven to be productive, sensitive, industrious and stable. Nigeria at this moment is in dire need of a stable leader who is aware of his environment. International politics is all about diplomacy and negotiations, in it there is no place for those who see the world via their myopic lens. No investor will take us seriously with clowns and misfits as the drivers of our economy. If the world was to trifle with these issues, there would be play and no production. Then the whole thing  becomes a game. You enjoy it, but you have no need for it. 

If the world was frivolous, all utilitarian goals would be lost.  A true leader opens doors so the eyes of men and followers would see the things behind the closed doors to ponder, learn lessons and think of diverse and defining  actions. A leader faces challenges in an overcoming manner with a certain charisma that surpasses the understanding of cowards. 

To be a leader, one needs a certain level of knowledge [formal or informal] and networks, and an experience and history of productivity. It would be outrageous to say leaders don’t hit the rock bottom. Rather, the ability of their team and plans to reverse to the former lane of prosperity/vision is what counts. They meet big problems, but big problems and challenges are what define great leaders. And even if they can’t meet their targeted goals, they must walk their followers through their weaknesses while showcasing their strengths.

I have asked severally, ‘what is/are Atiku’s sin(s)?’ And the answer has always been laced with pseudo accounts of some concocted reports. If truly the allegations by his former boss was done in good faith, why the change of direction. What has changed, Atiku or the allegations?  In our world, politics is about throwing dirt to tarnish anyone perceived to be a threat [this is not say that l defend true criminals]. I hear people with tales of his corrupt demeanor after he left power 13years ago but yet, there is not a single case in court against him. 

I was privy to his inputs and efforts in making the present President of Nigeria victorious in the 2015 general elections. He invested from the primaries till the last day of electioneering. Those who have become emergency activists against what they have no understanding about, are the major problems of our society today and l dare say, social problems. 

For the past Five years, General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd.) has not probed the man Atiku for any of the atrocities he has been accused of, why? According to naysayers, he is corrupt and shouldn’t contest for the number 1 seat of the Land, but “Emperor” Bola Tinubu [His Royal Majesty], the Chief installer of Governor/Governments and the biggest/richest landlord in Africa is the best for President come 2023?

The latest of some hirelings’ reasons why he is unfit to lead is the gossip of his $5000 given to delegates in the PDP presidential primaries in Port Harcourt, last year. But let us not forget that our politics is expensive and most of these people crying foul, won’t vote until they are paid for their civil rights.

How can you lead when you can’t capture your party ticket? In 2014, he lodged almost all delegates in Lagos with cash gifts but lost in an arranged manner to pave the way for President Buhari. He wasn’t corrupt then because he was not critical to stopping the incumbent from winning. Suddenly, after leaving for his new political party, he became corrupt solely because he wooed delegates to vote for him.

I have decided to put it straight that all Nigerians are entitled to the rights as citizens of Nigeria, as stated in the supreme book of the land – the Nigerian constitution to vote and be voted for.

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