Jakande was sentenced to jail just like his boss, Awolowo. But Jakande was crying in the court not because of himself but for Awolowo. When Awolowo saw him, approached him and asked him “why crying for only me…” Jakande replied “I don’t mind going to jail and even adding your terms to mine, why South.West, why is it that the only Premier in Nigeria that will be jailed is the Premier of my Region?”

Awolowo replied “Dry your tears, God sometimes keep his own away when danger is approaching….”

And that was what happened!

 The reason why Nigeria didn’t break in 1967 was Obafemi Awolowo. Gowon said “I needed him badly more than I needed the Nigerian Army”…..Why? Two reasons;

1. The original rallying point of the Yoruba was Awolowo. If Yoruba supported the break up, no Jupiter can stop it. Therefore, to keep Nigeria one, Awolowo must endorse it!!!!

2. The wisdom of Awolowo was unequalled, unparalleled and unrivalled. His wisdom must not be on the side of the rebel, Nigeria would not survive without it.

No wonder the two Warriors Gowon and Ojukwu said and I quote;

“I am the luckiest ruler of Nigeria because the best Nigeria asset in person of Chief Awolowo was my Vice Chairman and Finance Commissioner…”- Gowon.

“Chief Awolowo is the best President of Nigeria that never was…”- Ojukwu.

Need I say more?

Murtala Mohammed had ensured in his Transition Programme that Shehu Shagari would not contest but after his death, OBJ relaxed the rules…..Shagari was allowed to contest and won but in 1984, Buhari stopped Shagari again, describing his election as “shamelessly rigged”…….


Awolowo deliberately spent a lot of money in establishing  investments for the Western Region where he thought the SW Progressive Politics would be financed. He said “SW need stable source of fund to fight politically because a poor people cannot fight the Central Government…”

No one knew this secret until his Deputy had issues with Awolowo and leaked the secret to the opponent. He told them “fight Awolowo from now till forever, if you didn’t destroy the Western Nigerian Investments, SW will always be buoyant financially and they will fight you and win you….” Wow!!!!! That was the end!!!

From that time, to cut the story short, SW was targeted! AWO was accused of fraud. Investments converted to Full state investment and later Odu’a Investment. And later, during the military regime, there was a time when all SW governors were non Yorubas, Odu’a investment was crushed. Cold dead!

The Story of Progressive Politics in Nigeria since 1954 had its Genesis from Awolowo’s Palm Tree!!!

No more No less!

We must never forget the families of Obafemi Awolowo, Lateef Jakande, Bisi Onabanjo, Bola Ige, Adekunle Ajasin, Ambrose Ali, Adebayo, JS Olawoyin, Anthony Enahoro, Abraham Adesanya, S.O Gbadamosi, Bode Thomas…..

These are first generation of progressive politicians who played progressive politics for life!!!

UP AWO!!!!

 Simple but Notable. When Awolowo arrived Lagos from Calabar Prison, after meeting with Gowon, it was Murtala Mohammed who voluntarily drove Awolowo home, in his personal car. Murtala described the gesture(driving Awolowo) as a privilege!!!

Simple but Notable!!!

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