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Recent stories in a section of the online news paper ‘Taraba Truth and Facts’ about crisis of confidence in the body politic of Taraba State leave much to be desired. Such unfounded rumours are intended to whip up sentiments and arouse suspicion and disaffection to simply destabilize the steady progress being made by Governor Darius Ishaku in Taraba State amid difficult circumstances, what with the battle against Covid 19 and lean financial resources to tackle developmental projects. Moreover, linking up the deputy Governor His Excellency, Engr. Haruna Manu with such rumours is quite unfortunate, because based on his antecedents; he is not given to disloyalty, frivolity, mischief and backwardness.

Horse trading is a common feature in politics and news of such are a common phenomenon in vibrant political environments.  Political permutations also are the flowers of Nigerian politics.

Regrettably, some mischief makers resorted to dropping names in their efforts to heat the polity, especially as it is playing out in the politics of Taraba state in the name of permutations to score cheap political goals.

His Excellency, the deputy governor of Taraba State, Engr. Haruna Manu having followed the course of events recently, especially as stories are cooked in a section of the media to paint him in bad light, is baffled by such deliberate falsehood. 

The story of an impeachment plan being peddled to sow a seed of discord among the government camp is another abortive attempt to drag the name of the deputy governor in the mud.

The deputy governor wishes to emphatically state that his loyalty to his principal and Taraba’s architect of development, Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku is unshaken. His political destiny is undoubtedly intertwined with that of his principal.

Despite the uncertainty of politics, the spiteful individuals in our midst and their stock in trade have been a huge failure. They have repeatedly failed to associate the person of His Excellency, Haruna Manu with their ill-motivated plans. 

Using mischief as a major vehicle to promote confusion in the political hierarchy of the state has not yielded any results because Tarabans are very much aware of such objectionable behaviors.

Engr Manu shares every piece of information he receives with his principal as they compare notes on political developments.

It is, therefore, unwise to link him with news that he is aware of plans to unseat a government he believes in, and has done his utmost to keep it in power because of its genuine commitment to the development of Taraba State.

To seek to overthrow a government of the people by the people and for the people is not part of Manu’s ambition.He sincerely believes in Governor Ishaku’s leadership. Therefore, nothing can make him accept to change loyalty in midstream.

It is better to leave him out of such activity that is intended to mislead the people and truncate a popular agenda. He trusts in the PDP as a party, in Governor Ishaku as a leader and those interested in seeing that collectively we serve to the end of the mandate of the people and step aside honourably in 2023. That’s all he desires. God bless Taraba State.

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