REPOSITIONING OF THE TRADITIONAL INSTITUTIONS: Governor Darius Ishaku Dickson’s Landmark Achievement.


Governor Darius Ishaku Dickson’s Landmark Achievement.

By Samson Za sonunga,

In the scheme of things, traditional institutions stand in high esteem when it comes to governance at the grassroot level in Africa, some parts of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Historically, traditional leadership played a key role in the administration of some parts of the country during the colonial rule. 

In Nigeria, the relevance of the traditional  institution   be overemphasized as

the weight of responsibility which comes with the staff of office can be very  overwhelming. This is so as the demands of the office can be  unendinging. As custodians of culture and tradition, the call on their time  can be exhausting at times to say the least as their subjects clamour for attention and redress. 

They, must  be impartial and fair and must be seen to be upholding justice to all and sundry. These noblemen are highly revered and respected as they are also expected to be father to all under their realm as their pronouncement can carry a lot of weight and can impact both positively or negatively in the lives their subjects.

So,as we chronicle the second term in office of His Excellency Governor Darius Ishaku Dickson, it will  not be out of place to ponder over the gains of his administration with reference to the traditional institutions in  Taraba state. 

The feat achieved by the government in repositioning the traditional institutions has endeared the Governor to the hearts of Tarabans across all walks of life. 

At the time this administration came into office, the traditional institutions was embroiled in a litany of petitions over abuse of power and oppression submitted by the locals. 

Calls by tribesmen to past administrations for redress where treated with kid gloves and shoved under the carpet for lack of political will.

As the administration settled in, it kicked the ball rolling  by setting up committees to review both pending and unresolved petitions. 

Governor Darius Ishaku Dickson in his bid to restore  justice and fair play, appointed his Deputy His Excellency Eng. Haruna Manu as head of most of these committees. 

The choice of Eng. Haruna Manu was a wise choice that eventually restored relevance to the traditional council. 

The committees were fair in their handling of the task before them. The end result was the restructuring of the the traditional institutions to bring to end decades of oppression and injustice. 

Across the 16 local government areas of the state, there cannot be a mention of a vacant stool within the ranks of 2nd and 3rd class chief. We are all witnesses to the presentation of staff of office to these chiefs as reported by the various news outlets in the state.

The role played by the permanent secretary bureau for local government and chietaincy affairs Alhaji Bello Yero, cannot be overemphasized. 

This is even so, as his numerous briefs to the Governor culminated in the setting up of  relevant committees mandated to study the petitions submitted to the Governor through the bureau and to make necessary remarks and suggestions  that will guide the process. 

Faithfully, the task was dispatched effectively by the amiable permanent secretary. He was very effective throughout the rigorous process that the committees underwent to find a lasting solution to the agitations for creation of new chiefdoms and restoration of the powers of those subdued. 

Governor Ishaku’s achievements in this sector is unrivaled by all the past administration’s. He has the commitment and support of his loyal Deputy and dependable permanent secretary in claiming a big prize for a true indefatigable leader. 

Taraba state under Governor Darius Ishaku Dickson has restored the stolen birth right of clans and communities overlooked by previous administrations.

It is important to note that no matter how hard Governor Ishaku tries to develop the state through repositioning of the traditional

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