E-Governance: Governor Ishaku and the Digital Era.

 E-Governance: Governor Ishaku and the Digital Era. 

By Samson Zanunga, Jalingo

The jet or digital age was anticipated to be a turning point in the history mankind given that the hype generated by the print media regarding the digital age was perceived as transforming the world by converting it into a microscopic arena. The feedback gathered from the agitated world of technology enthusiasts increased dramatically over time. This of course set the tone for the social media revolution being witnessed globally today. 

In Taraba state, the social media revolution was not given a rousing welcome as was received in the other parts of the country. It was considered as a reserve for the affluent in the society. The state government at the helm of affairs at that period in time never took it seriously and thus only a few had the knowledge of the existence of this wonderful technology.

Governor Darius Ishaku came on board at a time the emerging youth population was getting acquainted with the dynamics of social media networking. As the mobile smart phones made their entry into the market, the renaissance got off to a flying start. The government not inclined to been left behind, went digital which eventually set the stage for stereotypes to go on a collision course with the idea. 

The social media is always awashed with the opinion many a follower holds when government activities or actions comes under scrutiny by influencers and analyst’s. 

Under Governor Ishaku’s watch, the social media and government policies have always come under scrutiny as a cross section of followers are either objective in their criticism of the administrations objectives or laid down plan of action. 

The common Stereotypes held by certain groups is antagonizing the government rather than table burning issues with decorum. 

The populace in Taraba until recently were laid back and thus had no idea what the social media is capable of doing to their psyche. They hinge their criticism on the basis ‘hearsay’ which is the most unethical thing to do.

The social media is likened to a public microphone where you only get berated through the same microphone by a fellow user. The Governor has no doubt being an active user of the social media and has been effective in reaching out to the voiceless and the few who empathize with their situation go the extra mile and draw the Governor’s attention through his verified handles and accounts. To be honest, the feedback has been massive. 

Governor Ishaku has been able to keep the populace busy online by keeping them updated with his government policies and plans which hitherto was a daunting process in the past. 

The e-governance approach this administration has unertaken is a very important step in the right direction. The government has provided opportunities for citizens to reach out to His Excellency with their complaints and suggestions but to some it is an avenue to spread falsehood which is capable of causing disaffection between the government and citizens. 

The need for a better understanding of the use of the social media is crucial, as it is  rooted in the mentality of users who would have been partners in progress rather than social media nuisance. Governor Ishaku has been digitally savvy, no doubt about it. He is in touch with local folks regardless of class, status or belief. His policies and plans as well as his development strategies can be accessible by visiting the official state government website.

Tarabans may not appreciate having a Governor who has great interest in the well-being of the masses and digitally active moreso reaching out and touching lives due to erroneous stereotype of a certain few. 

He has transformed our analogue state télévision to a digital media while the state broadcasting service is on the verge becoming a digital radio station. This is all thanks to a leader and manager of man and resources 

It is time to jettison the way we view governance in this digital era our state’s existence. Governance is a collective responsibility. 

Together we can, together it is easier.

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