Do Not Inherit Peoples’ Enemies For The Benefits Of The Party Mr. Kelvin Advises PDP Chairman

Do Not Inherit Peoples’ Enemies For The Benefits Of The Party Mr. Kelvin Advises PDP Chairman.
A social media influencer/commentator  Mr. Hosea Kelvin Nuvalga has advised the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Taraba state after a successful Congress held by the party, which produced a new state leadership. His advice came following the exit of Honourable Chief Victor Bala Kona the former party leader in the state.
Mr. Nuvalga Kelvin Hosea in his analysis of the political atmosphere of the party on his page said, “As the tenure of Hon. Victor Bala Kona comes to an end today, many who are claiming to be loyal to him will unveil their true persons. He should be ready to answer names, welcome disappointments, receive heart breaks, etc. In all, I would advise he wears a large heart, and be ready to take things the way it comes.”
He continued by saying that, he lacked the temerity to say, he was a good or bad man, since he had no personal or political dealings with him, and no matter how good or bad he was in office, he must have stepped on toes and this may be time for retribution.
Mr. Kelvin added that he will also advise the former State Chairman of the PDP in Taraba state to stay away from active politics for now or possibly play the role of an adviser, but not Special Adviser (SA), pending when he takes a decision come 2023, whether to contest for a political office or support any person or a candidate of his choice.
He also observed that, as the party welcomes an incoming Chairman, in the person of Col. Kefas Agbu (Rtd) and has been pronounced by many including himself as; intelligent, upright, experienced, Godfearing, etc.
There are already mixed feelings that he will not make a good politician following his military background, which he can attest to for now.
However, Mr. Kelvin said, “My sincere wishes for him is that he should bring his wealth of experience and intelligence to bear in this critical time when our party is faced with cracks that may be fatal resulting in the unexpected.”
He added that the incoming chairman should understand that he has a herculean task of uniting the party members who are aggrieved and ensure he does not inherit peoples’ enemies for the benefits of the party and for the sake of his undoubted integrity and hard-earned reputation.
“Those who have been following the activities of the party with keen interest can attest that what it needs at this critical time is unity and reconciliation, and the party must not claim ignorance of the fact that the oppositions are working assiduously day and night to amend their mistakes and possibly take over the state which might be difficult but not impossible.”
“To me, what he needs to do to succeed are; information that comes from people should be filtered before taking any action or decision, he must be diplomatic in handling gossips, he should work within the confines of the constitution, otherwise those who praise him today will insult him tomorrow.”
He further advised the present State Chairman by saying, “He should also understand that the greatest shame that may befall him will emanate if the party is defeated under his watch and leadership.”
He prayed for Col. Kefas Agbu to succeed and get the needed supports as long he remains at the helm of affairs of the party, but said that would depend on how he handles the affairs of the party.
He wished the outgoing chairman success in his future endeavours, hoping he becomes bigger in life and wished the incoming Chairman best of luck as he brings his wealth of experience and intellectual capacity to bear. “May God bless Taraba and the people’s democratic party.” He added.

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