Peace Efforts Of Gov. Ishaku & The Challenges Of Leading A Heterogeneous State Like Taraba. Rhapsodi

Peace Efforts Of Gov. Ishaku & The Challenges Of Leading A Heterogeneous State Like Taraba.
Peace is the panacea for development and it is the foundation in which development is built on.
The first and primary responsibility of the first citizen of any organized body is the security of life firstly, and then properties. This can only be easily achieved if there’s peace and a harmonious coexistence amongst the people.
Arch. Darius Ishaku has done pretty well in this aspect, with several not just theories but practical steps too. When he first resumed office as a governor, he inherited what can be termed as a Chaotic Taraba with quite a pending crisis, ranging from Ibbi, Wukari etc.
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On resumption, he took a ride to these warring communities and had a heart to heart talk with the aggrieved people and pleaded for support for a more peaceful Taraba and to back up his quest for peace, he set up committees in the waring areas.
As all know his favorite Quote is “Give me peace & i will give you development”. Though crisis can’t be stopped completely but he has managed them to its minimal and when crisis erupted, he is ever swift to calm down the situation and proper intervention is given. Despite the challenges therein, he stood his ground to protect the precious lives and properties of citizens, a duty he always took root to do faced with stiff oppositional challenges.
The passing of the anti grazing bill is a function of his quest to find lasting peace. He is aware that a good leader never abandons his people terror of any nature. He peace initiatives saw the contribution of stakeholders, traditional leaders and community participation to support the effort. He understands the benefits of inclusiveness in providing the needed security to the people of Taraba and that informed his decision to work with them and the results were visible.
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His second tenure has been quite challenging and the age-long crisis between the TIV & Jukuns etc have seemed to take a toll. The rescue captain has severally met with stakeholders, his Benue counterpart and relevant authorities to see how to put an end to the crisis. In his quest to put an end to the menace, he recently constituted a committee of inquiry to look at the crisis that has been ravaging the state and setting it in a low developmental pace. These peaceful effort parts of his plan to ensure that parts of the state engulfed in crisis will find their path back to peace and allow his developmental plans to strive in the state.
The peace efforts of his administration suffer threats beyond the expected. The recent and ongoing global health challenge of COVID-19 and other related challenges became a spinner in the wheels of his peace efforts. However, he kept his focus, held onto his peace plan for Taraba, employed measures to provide security and engaged relevant authorities to ensure that peaceful coexistence took its place in the Taraba society, particularly troubled areas.
Governor Darius’ peace initiatives is a clear message to all that, no society develops without peace. It is in the interest of his administration to bring the best development to the state in all possible ways. Dubai today is what it is because peace was given a rightful place. The world developed cities enjoy development because peace took the centre stage.
Therefore, I am calling in all, warring and aggrieved parties and all key players in the state to all to put our heads together and support the rescue Captain in his quest to find lasting peace.
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