When is DDI not performing?

When is DDI not performing?

There is this notion that Governor Darius is not working just because he decided to be spreading his developmental strides across the state not  concentrating   within Jalingo metropolis only. While it is understandable that Jalingo is the state capital, developmental strides outside Jalingo are still developments.
There are about six construction firms presently working in Taraba State. One is working on Tsokundi road, Wukari LG. Though the crisis in the southern part of the state has hampered the progress of this work, the work is still on course and will be completed.
Pantisawa road is being laid with asphalt as I write. This project now being manned by another company. Craneburg is responsible for the Dualization of the Jalingo road and the construction of a Flyover, the first of its kind, in the North-Eastern region. Two companies are working on Mararraba-Kurmi road. The sixth is PW which will soon start expansion work at the Jalingo airport.
Is it all? Today I saw several chiefdoms, Kabri for instance, celebrating their “independence”. The Nyandan and Bakula people of Lau are happy that DDI has handed them their heritage back with the creation of new chiefdoms. This is the same feeling in Jen, in Kente, on the Mambilla, in Kurmi, across the length and breadth of Taraba State.
I will not go into other areas where the Governor has left indelible footprints on the sand of time. But what people need to know is that if the Governor’s handwork didn’t reach your area, it doesn’t mean he is not working. Kabri is Taraba State and Mutum Daya is also Taraba State.
Chris Elewa writes from Jalingo

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