BY Richard Nick Ben
An American writer Shannon Adler-Bruce Lee once said, “Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you”. 
This is the story with the Amiable, pragmatic, undefeatable, benevolent and magnanimous personality, 
Prof. Vincent Ado Tenebe the Vice-Chancellor of Taraba State University, Jalingo. 
In late 2016, immediately after when His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Taraba State, Arc Darius Dickson Ishaku took over the leadership of the state and it was due for him to appoint another Vice-Chancellor who will take over from the then Vice-Chancellor of the only state University, Prof. Sani Yahaya, though, Prof. Catherine took over from Sani Yahaya on the acting capacity for 6 months before handing over to Prof. Tenebe.
After a long battle on who will be the successor of Prof. Sani Yahaya, lo and behold, all odds were cut short against those who canvassed and contested both physically and spiritually as the University Dons announced the name of Prof. Vincent Ado Tenebe.
The Unexpected Appointment steered up so many criticism against the appointment and the decision of his Excellency by bringing an outsider to be at the helm of affairs for the state-owned University. 
The unexplained decision of the Governor to appointing Prof. Tenebe was based on the track records of the golden fish the man of the moment, Mr. Vincent Ado Tenebe at the National Open University (NOUN) where he served as the Vice-Chancellor.
It is no longer news that Tenebe has let loose to send both his critics and that of Mr. Governor on the run by proving that he is not there to polish and just to add value to the University alone but because he meant business with Mr. Governor and he wants to move further in life in his career where his legacies will speak for him, not just his CV.
Tenebe took over as Vice-Chancellor when the University was operating with only (4) approved and recognized faculties with just (2,000)  carrying capacity that was allowed by the National University Commission (NUC) namely; 
Faculty Science, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Art & Social Sciences and Faculty of Agriculture. 
In less than a year, the Vice-Chancellor worked tirelessly to wrestle for more programmes that resulted in having four (4) more approved faculties and Department namely; 
Faculty of Health, Law, Engineering and faculty of Art and Humanity totaling 52 departments in Taraba State University.
The VC also worked to landscape and beautify the school environment, by planting flowers and trees, constructing car porches all around the school where staff and students will park their vehicles, fighting crimes, exams malpractices with zero tolerance to all form of social vices in the school. 
Tenebe before his one year in office as vice Chancellor at Taraba State University contracted the renovation of the entire lecture halls and theaters, offices, Students Hotels in both male and female homes. 
In his quest to do more in transforming the school.  He lobbied and followed the approval for more courses accreditation, increase in admission capacity from (2000-7000), he supported and encouraged social activities for students including sports festivities in the school, departmental engagement to lighten up the school, organised first of its kind combined convocation, building and the construction of a world-class standard convocation center, building staff, human capacities and employment, no serious or unnecessary strikes throughout his time, School Portal upgraded to meet up with the world standard.   
Wrapping up his four years as Vice-Chancellor of Taraba State University, a period when the world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic, the VC was found busy changing the face and the look of the school by revisiting one of the biggest world standard abandoned E-Library and Senate building in the school after getting the support of His Excellency, Arc Darius Dickson to complete the project, which now stands out to be one of the best E-library and Senate building in the country, well furnished with modern types of furniture and facilities. It was reliablly said that The University’s visitor His Excellency Arc Darius Dickson further approved the absorption of long time casual staff who had been working since 2008 but not as permanent staff of the institution.
The final blow to wow the staff, students, University community and the general public is the five newly built and furnished twin lecture theaters, Faculty of Agriculture, Social and management sciences among other buildings that were raised under the lockdown period when the school shut down for COVID-19 pandemic.
Speaking with few students who live around the University community, one of the students Daniel Kolani, a 300L sociology student whose hope according to him was shattered as the result of the lockdown during this pandemic COVID-19 period. Daniel said what makes him happy and excited now is seeing the overnight project carried out by the University Vice-Chancellor.
Another set of students on their way to farm around the school, Tinyang Musa Yohanna and Dedan Ismaila said they always pass through here but never knew that there was a project of this nature going on inside the school. They both thanked and appreciated the VC and his council members for doing a great job. 
“I will like to call on the attention of His Excellency Arc Darius Dickson Ishaku, the grand commander of the rescue mission, to please help renew the appointment of our VC who has been a great source of inspiration”. 
“However, I am sad because I was hoping to graduate by November or December this year, but Corona has chosen to keep us all at home. We hope it ends soon because I can’t wait to resume and also enjoy this beautiful building and golf course in my school. Tenebe you are the best.  he said”.

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