Setting a Precedence: A Governor’s Kaleidoscope.

Setting a Precedence: A Governor’s  Kaleidoscope.

By Samson Zanunga
I count it a great privilege to listen to Governor Darius Ishaku most often from close quarters. You may find it amusing that I call it a privilege but, that is what it is. Have you considered at some point you and I retrospectively tried figuring out at what spectrum His Excellency is operating? Please permit me to state emphatically here that this administration is anchored on improving the quality of life of Tarabans and giving everyone a true sense of belonging. 
His Excellency Gov. Darius Ishaku
Regardless of how citizens view the current leader and his team, one can proudly state that Taraba, believe it or not, is at a breaking point hence the catalogue of incidents such as armed banditry, kidnappings and a host of criminal forms, capable of tainting an unblemished performance from the rescue administration. However, the government has not in any way lost her focus in ensuring the absolute protection of life and property of every citizen. In spite of the surge in criminal activities, great gains have been made in quelling the malaise.
Moving forward, the time has come to reflect on the kaleidoscope from Mr. Governor’s point of view from when he was first sworn into office in 2015.  
A careful study of the pattern of leadership Architect Governor Ishaku has applied in the affairs of government, is an indication to set a precedence that will be the yardstick for gauging the performance index of future administrations, mark my words.
At critical times, critical thinking is required most often when all hope seems lost, there’s always something to ponder on, which can be likened to death before dishonour. The rescue Captain and his administration have not for once turned her back to the plight of Tarabans. To the best of my knowledge, the administration of Governor Darius Ishaku is clearly out to as a matter of urgency, improve the quality of life and the provision of social amenities in remote areas across the state.
One step at a time he has ticked all the boxes performance-wise, moreso exceeding expectations through prudent spendings and management of resources as well as infrastructural development. As we navigate the curve leading up to the expiration of the rescue administration, it is with great admiration that I salute the dogged and determined effort of Governor Ishaku in managing the affairs of a very complex and productive state.
Plaudits to the government for taking education on a trajectory that turned around the fortunes of the state and educationally backward state to an educationally advanced state in the entire Northern region. The surge in the Agro sector is a rare feat that will remain indelible in the minds of citizens as it gave birth to millionaires thus improving the IGR of the state.
It is against this backdrop that I emphasize that the recent committee set up to study the remote and immediate causes of the rift between the Tiv and neighboring communities in the state is a testament of an administration bent on ensuring lasting peace return to every warring community across the state. It is indeed a welcome and timely development. 
No doubt, the challenges of governance are ever-present but, this administration has not shied away from her responsibilities. We are closing in on interesting times and the signs are obvious. With a collective effort, Taraba shall be great. Governor Ishaku is putting the square pegs in square holes meticulously. 
We are about to be witnesses to the breakthrough in every sphere of the state. Name a sector, I will provide the answers. A leader who was at a point in time labeled as an underperforming Governor by critics of his government is now having the last laugh. It is not always how long it took, what matters most is, how well it ended.

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