The Challenge of Wukari Youths: By: Tijani Sale Angyu

The Challenge of Wukari Youths: 
By: Tijani Sale Angyu

The blame for what Wukari has become falls on you and I as Youths not typically on our leaders, elites, stakeholders, and politicians and definitely not PDP or APC, not Islam, Christianity or Traditionalist. 
It has been and it is still a self-inflicted problem. You and I are major stakeholders in the predicaments and challenges we are facing today among our youths in Wukari Local Government Area. 
Our wickedness, inhumanity, greed, selfishness, disrespect and indiscipline stink to the heavens as we go about our daily lives, pulling down, backbiting and scandalizing ourselves yet we have the nerve to complain about leadership.
One would think this behavior is reserved for urchins but it would surprise you that this is the character of many decent looking youths who appear to be normal but are no better than our leaders. They are Christians and  Muslims, husbands and wives and sadly Youths.
We pervert justice and pretend we don’t know right from wrong just to serve our selfish interests. Our wickedness personified. So much hatred flows in our blood and we transfer it to our Children. It’s evident in our words and actions. 
We fast and pray for deliverance when the actual problem is in us. We simply cannot learn to love ourselves not to talk of each other or one another. It’s all about Me Me Me, My Brothers and Sisters. That’s all that ever matters. 
It’s sickening. Anyone who can’t love his brother and sister as himself has no business being a Muslim or Christian or Traditionalist or Jukun. Until we understand this, we will continue on this path of destruction. 
I Can Change 
You can Change 
They can Change  
We can all change by changing our thinking, mindset, attitude and behaviour. 
Wukari Youths let’s emulate our forefathers or ancestors and stop abusing Culture, Civilization, Education and Religion.
How can we make Wukari Great again and what contribution do I make for greater Wukari? I think these two questions should be lingering in our minds.

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