Covid-19: Group tackles Taraba State Government

Covid-19: Group tackles Taraba State Government

As hunger looms, Taraba Volunteer group, a nonprofit organization has called on government to as a matter of utmost importance include farmers on the essential services list in order to enable them access to their farms an act which will yield massive output at the end of the season.
According to the group, the situation farmers found themselves at the moment 
 the farming season is here,adding that it will not be out of place to grant farmers waivers in the interim for farming activities particularly the pleasant farmers.
The group equally drew the arrebtoon of the government over the activities of middle men and blamed them for the sudden rise in prices of food stuff at the market. 
The prices of rice and other food items has experienced a sharp rise due to the attitude of the middle men who buy from the farmers and sell to consumer.
Government should have a price control mechanism in place to checkmate these middle men unwholesome acts.
“Can you imagine that just last week, a bag of maize was solid for 10k but this week the price has suddenly changed to 17k likewise local Nigerian rice which sold for 10k last week for a bag and discovered it is now being sold for 18k.
 If the government fails to act, the common man will not be able to survive” they noted.
Food security is the hallmark of every administration and as such farmers should be included in the essential services list in the state in order for them to have unfettered access to their farms during the lockdown restrictions due to covid-19.
They are optimistic that if government acceded to their call, the Stasge is then set for a bumper harvest at the end of this farming season.

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