Governor Ishaku: Navigating Through Stormy Waters.

Governor Ishaku: Navigating Through Stormy Waters. 
By Samson Zanunga
Taraba State has over the years been the only and still the only state in Nigeria that produces natural and herbal tea products from the mountainous Mambila plateau.
The state is also the only one in the country with over two hundred local dialects spoken across the Sixteen local government and special development areas. 
The state is equally blessed with some of the most endangered and exotic species of animals habitating in the Gashaka game reserve as well as the iconic and scenic locations that are an investment-friendly environment for revenue generation.
The vegetation of the state is high yielding as there are locations where you don’t need to apply fertilizer in order to hit maximum profits from farm products.
Taraba is an agrarian enclave thus bequeathed with the title of “nature’s gift to the nation”. 
In terms of social amenities, the Jolly Nyame Stadium complex is the only sports complex in the country housing virtually all other sporting activities in one location.
Taraba is indeed the only state in the entire northeast that the dreaded Boko haram insurgents were unable to gain a foothold since the insurgency began over a decade ago due to the dogged determination of Governor Ishaku’s drive for the security of lives and property of her citizens. 
Infrastructural development in the state has been on the rise since the beginning of the third republic in 1999.
The previous administration of His Excellency Reverend Jolly T. Nyame, c’est His Excellency late Pharmacist Danbaba D. Suntai made significant changes to the stereotypes held by many with a massive increase in the beautification of the state with huge resources available in the days. 
It was not a walk in the park for these noble men let alone the current incumbent, His Excellency Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku whose journey to retransformation can be likened to a ship Navigating through the stormy waters and vicious icebergs of stereotypes of many but a few and the unending backlash of his administration by citizens.
Taraba is a unique state with complex issues that demands wisdom and determination to overcome by the government. 
Citizens are always quick to judge leaders on every move she makes to better their lot. They cast aspersions on the government as though governance is a tea party.
Governor Ishaku’s resolve to push further his developmental strides has not gone down well with some citizens who would prefer state resources to be shared among a privileged few rather than for all tarabans.
Development has a  price tag hence the need to prioritize projects for execution which is clearly evident over the past five years of this administration. 
The current administration is working assiduously to improve the quality of life and overall well-being of citizens and through the provision of health care services to citizens right to the rural areas.
The challenges are enormous given the limited time a government has to provide for the generality of citizens.
Governor Ishaku deserves commendation for his efforts in the last five years. The civil service reform is excellent given the recruitment of citizens in the sector and the results clearly reflect the focal point of this administration.
Education is experiencing an upward trajectory in both primary, secondary and tertiary.
These and many more are storms the government must navigate through which will eventually be the standard for future governments. 
The rescue ship sails on despite the storms characterized by civil unrest and criminal activities that have to an extent tainted the administration’s image owing to the hues and cries from the opposition, yet, she has not wavered. 
The on-going flyover construction and road expansion in the state capital as well as the plethora of projects both completed and uncompleted spread across the state is an indication of great foresight by the rescue captain and his cabinet.
 It is the hope and prayers of sports lovers that the sports sector be carried along in the ongoing reconstruction process, as it will in no small measure quell youth restiveness and other social vices associated with them.
It is not yet Uhuru though, but the ship, sails on.

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