Taraba: Crises and Criminality begets Under Development

Taraba: Crises and Criminality begets Under Development 
By Samson Zanunga
The rainy season is often a period of time when all and sundry return to the farms for the sole purpose of clearing the fields, tilling the soil and  planting seeds as well as tendering at the end of which we all wait and watch the as the rains bath the soil with endless volumes of water just as we sit still, observe and look forward to the harvest season.
Taraba, nature’s gift to the nation has been a beehive unfavorable and lingering tentions characterized by locals that eventually snowballed into armed conflicts within the past few years.
These crises considered by many as  legendary  paved the way for criminals to hijack and unleash terror on defenseless and innocent citizens. A situation which leaves them without a clue of the next line of action should they not be able to make it to their farms for fear of militia attacks if you ask me.
The effect of crises and criminal activities no doubt is the bane of under development globally according to peer review mechanism. 
Taraba has been in the news for the wrong reasons most recently due to these civil unrest which has made the current government seem like unable to quell the disputes.
Directly or indirectly credit must be given to the government for being resolute and forging ahead with capital projects development in the face of these upheavals in rural communities across the state.
Through research, the statistics of economic downturn due to the increasing population and the demand for food security has not been favorable. The government has been doing its best to address the problem of land ownership or settlement to say the least through peace initiatives involving warring communities. 
The effect of all of these is that the journey of a few years becomes the of a lifetime as criminal activity coupled with crises leads the way.
Governor Darius Ishaku’s resolve to bring a lasting end to the lingering tentions is quite commendable. 
As a detribalized leader he has ensured that displaced peoples camp receives massive support from government through the provision of relief materials and food items to ease the pain and suffering of the unfortunate circumstances these citizens found themselves. 
To say the least, these few years has set the state back rather than the other way. The crisis and the criminal actions of some gave room for the federal government to detail the establishment of military outpost in key flash points across the state.
Where the executive mandate of Governor Ishaku stops is the point where the federal security agencies like the military began.
To nip it in the bud, the government government should as a matter of urgency begin the prosecution of groups and individuals who are indicted for their complicity in the escalating tentions.
It should be noted that the what this administration was set to achieve in the past few years has been marred by these tentions.
Citizens cannot go to their farms anymore which of course portends food insecurity in the not too distant future.
Human and vehicular have been hampered by due to activity of criminal gangs posing as militia men around these rural communities.
Sharp divisions and mistrust are all seeds of conflicts rocking these areas that are supposedly farming hubs where tons of food crops are harvested to sustain the increasing population.
Taraba can be peaceful again if only the warring communities can train their minds to see the good in situations that do not necessarily have to be settled through bloodshed.
It is time to give peace a chance and enable the government carryout its mantra of rescuing citizens trapped in these unfortunate crisis and liberate them through the provisions of the dividends of democracy. A stich in time saves nine.

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