A call to Nigerians both home and diaspora

A call to Nigerians both home and diaspora


 Ashuku dauda Davidson 
Am not against the black in the USA especially those in Minneapolis, I share in your pain, but why are you Nigerians taking the whole issues personally, neglecting the chaos we face in Nigeria especially the Boko Haram, the bandits in Kaduna, katsina and other parts of the north, in the last months Taraba and Benue residents has been in an unrest status precisely my clan the Jukun and my neighbors the Tiv people, we kill each other daily and the whole country is mute about it, no protest by any groups or Individuals, no national call for peace restoration or campaigns  sueing for peace for my people and my neighbors, recently, a pastor and his wife were killed in some part of southern Taraba whom were alleged to be my neighbors the Tiv people, but nobody is saying anything about peace resolution and lasting peace sustainability between both clans, why are Nigerians deaf to our internal issues and take up responsibility to other part of the world were they don’t care if we kill ourselves daily, why are we fools, has Americans gone to the streets to agitate for peace in southern Taraba or north eastern Nigeria, why are we taking an organized country’s issue on a disorganized country like Nigeria, I’ve seen viral videos on how police knelt down to beg U.S citizens about George Floyd’s death, I  even saw a video yesterday were a troop of U.S marines knelt down to beg it’s citizens of the murder of the black American, this is something that will never happen in Nigeria even if the Nigerian police burns down the presidential villa yet we take pleas of justice to such an organized nation on ourselves like our opinion even matter’s to the world, they don’t care people, let’s face Nigeria and fix it, stop this eyes service system of mediocre online and face the truth, fight for the right of your own people, secure your own people before taking it out to the world

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