See New Machines Invented By Fed. Poly Offa To Combat The Spread Of COVID-19

See New Machines  Invented By Fed. Poly Offa To Combat The Spread Of COVID-19

Earlier in the midst of Coronavirus outbreak, The Federal Polytechnic Offa invented an Automatic Fumigation Disinfectant System that can be used to fumigate environments and public places to curtail the spread of the pandemic.
Again, the Polytechnic has produced three machines to further wage war against the stubborn virus.
The machines are; Solar Automated Hand Wash Sanitizer System,  Solar Powered Sound Automated Pee Toilet System and Hand-Clap-Switch Solar Powered Hand-Rub Ultraviolet (UV) Wave Sanitizer System. These devices were produced by Science Laboratory Technology Department (SLT) of the institution.
Solar Automated Hand Wash Sanitizer

The Solar Automated Hand Wash Sanitizer was designed by Mr. Emmanuel Aduloju, Head of Chemistry Bio Chemistry Unit of the department. 
The device dispenses soap, water, and sanitizer sequentially. It has a censor which detect human’s presence and automatically triggers the discharge of soap to rinse hands for 5 seconds from the first dispenser. The second dispenser in the middle will then dispense water for 20 seconds to wash hands while the third dispenser dispenses sanitizer for 3 seconds sequentially. 
Solar Powered Sound Automated Pee Toilet System.
This Solar Powered Sound Automated Pee Toilet  System was conceptualized and developed by Physics Unit of SLT Department. This was developed for urination without touching or having contact with any object in the toilet. The pee system works with a sound. Once the user finishes urinating, he makes a sound with thumbs, and water starts running automatically from the tap for about 30 to 40 seconds to flush or rinse the Pee. The pee system is developed to avoid contact with objects in the toilet which might have been touched by another user. 
Hand-Clap Solar Powered Hand-Rub Ultraviolet (UV) Wave Sanitizer System.
Hand-Clap Solar Powered Hand-Rub Ultraviolet (UV) Wave Sanitizer System, also a product from Physics Unit; works automatically by clapping hands. Once a user claps, it powers on. They place hands in the radiation area and it sanitizes hands devoid of liquid particles.
While presenting the gadgets to the Polytechnic Management, the Head of SLT Department, Dr. Mrs C. A. Olafimihan appreciates the Management led by Dr. Lateef Ademola Olatunji for the encouragements and for creating enabling environment for academic activities to flourish in the institution.
Dr. Olafimihan said that the Department did not only produced these gadgets but also other mini PPEs which includes face masks, FEDPOFFA branded hand sanitizer gel and disinfectant spray. These products according to her is part of the Polytechnic’s support for the government in the fight against the novel virus. 
Meanwhile, the Management of the Federal Polytechnic Offa gladly received these laudable inventions from Science Laboratory Technology Department, commending their efforts as well as Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC), and other active departments and units in the Polytechnic that have shown worthwhile gestures to fight Covid-19.
The Rector specially commended the Head of SLT Department, Dr. Mrs. Olafimihan and staff of the department.
He said, “When the pandemic started, the Department was first to come up with an invention which was well acknowledged by management and royal fathers of our host communities. Today again, they have array of innovations. I am not surprised because I know and am proud of the women folks who are leading in one capacity or the other in the Polytechnic”. 
Olatunji however lament that the challenge we have as a continent is that we fail to appreciate our local products, placing more value to foreign products than our locally made stuffs which usually are even better than the former. He therefore call on the relevant stakeholders to look into this challenge and help in promoting innovations from Polytechnics and technical education as this will foster technological advancement in the country.
He appreciates the proactiveness of SLT department and promise to give the products wider coverage and also commercialize them. 
Speaking further, the Rector said the Polytechnic has set up Covid-19 Technical Committee to prepare for safety measures ahead of resumption. Adding that the new machines will be produced en mass to be mounted in strategic places on both campuses to ensure safety for staff and students against Coronavirus.
Similarly, the Deputy Rector Administration, Dr. Olarongbe Afolabi who doubles as Chairman of the Polytechnic’s Covid-19 Technical Committee appreciates the SLT Department  for the accomplishment. He said the School’s Covid-19 Technical Committee will ensure the products does not stop within the walls of the Polytechnic. Also, the Deputy Rector Academics, Arc. Augustine Adama said it is incredible that an academic department in the School has come up with devices to assist the Polytechnic in this trying time. He encouraged other departments to take cues from SLT as the Management is always ready to support new projects from various departments in the institution.
It is worthy of note that the federal government through the Honorable Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu has attested to the quality of products made by polytechnics in the country.
The Minister while briefing the Presidential Task Force recently had mentioned that some institutions have been making standard hand sanitizers of which The Federal Polytechnic Offa was the first reference point. 
The Polytechnic is therefore proud to be one of the leading technical institutions in the country that is making giant strides in a time like this.

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