By Habu Ardo JP.
29 May 2020.
Governor Ishaku’s infrastructural developmental strides have a great positive impact on the good people of Taraba State.
First of all, let me flashback our minds to the first four years of the All Progressive Congress, APC administration at the Federal level, Taraba State was abandoned in the scheme of things. I mean Federal presence was nil and nothing was happening to even the existing Federal infrastructure in Taraba since another political party controlled the center.
Consequently, there was unprecedented decay of Federal roads in Taraba State and that was why a serious and committed administration like that of Arch. Darius Dickson Ishaku can’t do otherwise than to face the challenges as he is doing.
Massive people-oriented infrastructural development is already going on across the State but before I proceed, let’s flashback what the Governor recently wrote on his Facebook page regarding the Federal Government project this administration is embarking on, the Governor wrote and I quote, “all the decisions we take are on the interest of our people, One of such projects is the Likitaba Federal road in Gembu, the rain completely washed away the road, approximately one kilometer to the valley, making Likitaba and Gembu cut off from the State in 2017”.

“It took this administration two weeks of emergency work to restore that damage. We spent so much to get that work done, and up to date, the Federal Government didn’t reimburse the state a penny”.
“That project was done sometime around 2017. Now, should I then have left the road because it was a Federal Government road and my people suffer, putting their lives in danger for subsequent years, or it was a good decision to have done the work and my people are happy and safe?”
“Thus, just like I did in the case of that road, I am doing the same now, I can’t continue to sit back and wait for the Federal Government, while the comfort of my people is at stake and their lives in danger”. 
“The life of every Taraban is precious to me and I will do everything possible, within the little resources our state has to ensure we are comfortable and safe as a people”. 
“On the dualization of Jalingo expressway project, every Taraban knows, when we came to office, the road was so tiny that every single day we kept recording one accident or the other, I took the responsibility to do the shoulders, which has eased the challenges we were faced with. But it’s obvious now with the inflows of trucks to the state and the growing population of our state, the road has become small, and we are beginning to experience the same challenges. Having just a lane to maneuver is not good, and waiting for the Federal Government, they might never come around”.

“True, the dualization of the road was supposed to be a Federal Government responsibility, but they see no need to act swiftly on it. Should we then leave it so that our people will suffer or we have taken the right decision by acting in the interest of our people?”
“In every decision I take, Tarabans are my priority. They voted for me, not the Federal Government. I will continue to do everything possible to protect their interest”. Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku wrote on his official Facebook page.
A good example of the Federal Government capital project this administration has done remains critical in the economic growth of Taraba State.
In the central zone, you will see the good job that has been done there and will continue to the rest part of the Senatorial district, I mean by connecting Mutum Biyu to the national grid. 
This government constructed Wukari to Tsokundi road, this is a Federal road that will completely ease the transportation of agricultural products from rural areas around that axis. 
Marraba to Baissa road is a Federal Government project, but this administration is on its toes to ensure that the project is completed within two years for the benefits of our people.
Completing the E-Library and Senate Building in Taraba State University is a capital project; DDS started it, DDI completed it. 
Apawa to Pantisawa road project is also a Federal Government project but this administration took it upon itself. 
Wukari Hospital, Gembu Hospital, and Bambur Hospital rehabilitation projects are all capital intensive project that have been abandoned for years, this administration brought them back to life and equipped them to standard. 
The Water Project is a capital intensive project, as at today we are receiving different testimonies from patriotic Tarabans on the impact of this project and many more project Executed by this administration as the list goes on.
Many have even wondered that all these projects have been implemented by this administration!
Let me finally appeal to all fellow Tarabans to continue to give this administration maximum support as more are to be expected soon, I mean the completion of the first flyover in the whole of the Northeastern Nigeria and the ongoing Multi-Billion Naira Government House Kona project e.t.c.
Happy 5th Year Rescue Mission Anniversary!

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