Gov. Darius Ishaku
I would like to use this medium to introduce Highland Tea to some of us who are not acquainted with the Highland Tea brand. This rich and quality product is proudly made in Nigeria, precisely in the popular
Mambilla plateau of Taraba State North East Nigeria that I govern.
Research has shown that Kenya, is the leading tea producer in Africa, with an expanse of land that covers more than 110,000 hectares dedicated solely to tea production. This alone accounts for 17-20 percent of that country’s total export revenue, placing it as one of its major foreign exchange earner. In 2012, the tea industry brought US$1.27 billion US dollars into the country, which underscores Kenya’s position as the largest exporter of black tea in Africa and third largest in the world with Egypt, Pakistan and the United Kingdom as its major buyers.
Unlike Kenya, the Nigerian population places it amongst the biggest markets in the world with only a few notable tea brands in the country. These brands have limited competition and offers a limited variety of products to the most populous black nation on earth. To put it simply, tea production and consumption is a virgin area in the Nigerian beverage market and that has drawn the attention of my Rescue team and I.

Imperatively, the success of Kenya’s tea production has motivated us to explore avenues to reposition our dear Nation as one of the leading tea producers in the world. Thus upon assumption of duty, we equipped  the Mambilla beverages company-producers of HighlandTea- in the areas of power supply, up to date machinery as well as offshore staff training. Precisely, on the 13th of August last year, I commissioned a 400kw Hydro Power Plant project to help provide 24hours electricity to the Highland Tea factory and its surrounding community of over 10,000 people, a project which I started when I was Minister of State for Power.
The resultant effect was unprecedented, and for the first time in 18years the Mambilla beverages company has been able to declare profit. To further optimize profitability, on the 13th of March 2016, we commissioned an Ultramodern Cut Tear & Curl (CTC) Machine, which is designed to enhance the design and packaging of the Highland Tea. This in turn is aimed at upgrading the product quality to international standard so as to ensure that it can compete favorably with other tea brands both locally and internationally.

Therefore, we encourage each of you to patronize the highland tea as you would always be assured of quality and the full richness of tea. As an ardent proponent of the local content development, I urge all citizens (both home and abroad) and indeed all residents and visitors of Nigeria to support our goals and aspiration by continuous patronage of the highland tea. I also strongly believe that this is the best time in our nation’s history to support locally manufactured products, as this would help in strengthening the economy, improve the country’s balance of trade position and most importantly strengthen the naira.
Furthermore, the Mambilla beverages company has a staff strength of about 500 people. Thus, each time you buy Highland Tea you are contributing to providing a sustainable income to our local farmers
with over 6000 farms lands located on the Mambilla Plateau.
Finally, I want to reassure you of quality as you patronize this proudly Nigerian product. Be rest assured that my rescue team and I will not disappoint you, even as we remain committed to our vision of positioning Taraba State as the leading economy within the North East Region in the next 10years.

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