Muhammad B. Tukur
I decided to intimate Adamawa people who entrusted their mandate into Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s hands that some comments by APC loyalists over the recent interview granted by the Governor on Channels Television are a poor attempt to dent His enviable record. Let me start with Mr Umar Duhu with his empty claims which are now sounding like a broken record. Firstly, It’s a fact that Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is the only Governor that has granted full not partial financial autonomy to local governments in Adamawa. We are not disputing that President Buhari granted autonomy to 774 local governments but  how many states have truly actualized that autonomy? 
Secondly, Mr Duhu has conviniently forgotten that statutory deductions can only be made through joints accounts and remittances made from individual local government accounts at the end of every month. As to where and how Duhu concocted some bank account numbers, claiming that local governments have been remitting illegal funds to these accounts is another fantastic lie. At the risk of repetition, the Ministry for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs does not manage individual Local Government Accounts, to be able make payments. Adamawa people are literate enough not to be  deceived  by fairy tales. We stand by our story that Local Government autonomy is real in Adamawa unlike what obtained previously and nothing will change that as long as Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is in charge. Joint account is necessary because there are a lot of sectors jointly run by both State and Local governments, which include primary healthcare, primary school, chieftaincy, ADSU Mubi among others.
Governor Umaru Fintiri has never taken payment of salaries as achievement, because he has never made the claim and neither has any of His aides. It is the workers who gave Him another moniker of 23/24 because of the Governor’s  promptness in matters of worker’s emolument,We have witnessed  terrible Governments that toyed with the payment of salaries. What is their fate today? Besides, Someone should ask Adamawa people which of their Governors is a liar,I believe, they will point at someone else, not Governor Umaru Fintiri.
Mr Politician, Alhaji Hussaini Gambo Bello Nakura, how on earth can you say you watched how our Governor was struggling to convince Nigerians? Why are you concerned with the flyover bridges and 2000 houses? Is it because you are afraid that when these projects come to reality, Governor Fintiri will retire a lot of you from politics? Here in Adamawa, we have seen a Governor before that asked his aides to announce payment of salary on media houses, subjecting workers to untold hardship, sometimes even death. Why are you not talking about reintroduction of feeding program in secondary schools, free waec and neco, completion of abandoned road projects, payment of scholarship allowances, construction of new roads, electrification projects and rehabilitation of water treatment plants among others?  These are verifiable achievements not mere claims. 
For Alhaji Ahmad Lawan, Governor Fintiri is constructing more than 300 kilometers of  rural roads that are progressing at the moment. He simply does not know what RAMP programme means. Let me educate  him. Each participating state government must pay counterpart funding before accessing loans for projects to be repaid the loan in twenty years or there about. Go and ask RAMP, they will tell you. The money is not free as he claim, it’s State Government money. Tell us your own, we knew that you failed to pay even the counterpart funding for RAMP projects from 2016 upto 2019.
On the issue of Shilla boys, we do not joke with security issues, we know why they are fuelling the issue. We have shown political will and is yielding positive results,very soon the culprits and those sponsoring them will be brought to book.
There was no selection in payment of Waec or NECO fees, every student who passed SSII exams must write waec and neco free. Free education is working and government is handling anyone undermining the process. Finally,Our Governor remains resolute and no amount of lies can pollute the Fresh Air.
✒ Muhammad B. Tukur Gcfr is
SSA New Media to the Governor Fintiri

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