Violence is Never an Option

Violence is Never an Option~ Blessingbinta Oliver 

Peace is a product of a positive mental attitude, while violence is the result of negative thinking. Peace is the natural state of society; violence is an unnatural state. Peace is as much in accordance with nature’s plan as violence is against it. When peaceful conditions prevail in a society all activities take place in their proper form. But if the atmosphere of peace is disturbed, the normal functioning of society is disrupted. This law applies to man, as well as to the entire universe.
A peaceful society requires avoidance of friction, tolerance, positive thinking, and the ability to retain one’s emotional equilibrium, even when provoked.
 A believer is necessarily a lover of peace. In his mind faith and a desire for peace are so closely interlinked that, regardless of the circumstances, he will strive to the utmost for the maintenance of peace. He will bear the loss of anything else, but the loss of peace he will not endure. God loves the condition of peace and disapproves of any state of unrest.
Violence is a precursor to bad happenings. Even in the time since the ethnic violence in Taraba State began, over 25 people have lost their lives, numerous more injured and more than a hundred houses burnt. As President Buhari said, Violence is never an option to settle disputes. 
Peace enriches our communities and individual lives, as it directs us to embrace diversity and support one another to the fullest extent possible. Through caring, generosity, and fair news we provide a cornerstone for attaining a sustainable, just, meaningful, vibrant, and fulfilling personal and community life.
 As individuals, we need to recognize the extent to which all of us are interdependent. We are obligated to direct our energy and resources toward supporting, not harming, one another. The person we dismiss or even hate today may be connected in ways we don’t realize to our own well-being.
Conflict Resolution is a central alternative to warfare. The notion that we can destroy our enemies and even “win” a war is important to question in this age of terrorism. War and terrorism can now extend beyond the bounds of the battlefield and into every corner of our communities. 
The casualties are predominantly civilians, not soldiers, and very frequently are women and children. We also need peace education, from early education through graduate programs in universities. Various organizations are working toward this end, with a growing number of school partners from across the world committed to the principles of compassion.
Taraba State needs peace, not war.
Blessingbinta Oliver

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