COVID-19: Barrister Anna Darius Ishaku, changing the Narratives.

COVID-19: Barrister Anna Darius Ishaku, changing the Narratives


A. A Mshelia.
Quick Questions
What really is power? 
What really is humility? 
What really is team spirit?
Who truly is a mother?
Do positions of Power change a TRUE mother?
These are questions that flooded my mind as I see Her Excellency, the wife of the Executive Governor of Taraba State, Barrister Anna Darius Ishaku do some amazing things now.
The other day, I walked into her skills acquisition center (Hope Afresh Foundation Taraba, Skill Acquisition Center, Kona Ward), to check on a few things and I got the shock of a lifetime.
First, Barr Anna walked into the place without a convoy or heavy security men. She had just a car.
I was wondering what could she be doing here this hot afternoon? When I walked into the megastore at her acquisition center, I learned her team of staff was packaging palliatives to be distributed to the less privileged who are suffering the effects of the COVID-19 within the state and the lockdown in the state.
At first, I was wondering why were they doing that themselves, can’t they look for labourers to do such a menial job? I thought they are office staff? I recalled there are no people on the street.
Before I could finish my thoughts I saw the first lady, Barr Anna jumped into the dirt with her office staff and began to sieve and package the palliatives: rice, maize and flour amongst others that will be shared. The bags were in hundreds!
I had the privilege to have worked with a couple of first ladies within Nigeria, but I was shocked to my bone marrows, to have seen such spirit from Barr Anna Darius Ishaku.
Not only that, but she also Directed a few IDP women that stay around her center to assist with the maize as she believes it’s not right to give people without making sure it is clean. She gave the few women money and soft drinks. One of the women told me, “we could have been dead a long time if not for Mama Anna that has been helping us”. I now understood why they were working excitedly.
I was amazed because, unlike the trend, she was not waiting for people to do the job so she can come to show her self to the cameras on the day of delivery as it is the norm.
She wasn’t here for a hit and run, she stayed all through the hours of the work and working through with them.
I have transacted with few “first ladies” I have met some at the airport and I wish I never met them…
Politics aside now, how many first ladies would do this? In case you don’t understand why I am amazed check this…
Just a little about her profile
Her Roots
Barrister (Mrs.) Anna Mbasughun Darius Ishaku was born on August 24, 1957, in Wusasa Zaria, to Mr. Paul Erihii and Mrs. Clara Victoria Wayo. She was the first of seven children. She hails from MBayongu, Vandeikya Local Government Area of Benue State. Her father, Paul Erihii Wayo, was one of the few people whom the colonial masters trained abroad, so they could take over the governance of the new Nigeria on their return 
Her Professional and Career Life
Barrister Anna started her career life during her National Youth Service Corps as a Legal Aid Counsel in Kano, after which she joined the Private Law Firm of Sam Tsumba and Company, in Makurdi until 1985, when she moved back to Kaduna and joined the Kaduna Ministry of Justice as a Senior State Counsel. While she was serving in this capacity, her primary responsibilities included the prosecution of offenders, defending Government in Civil Matters, giving Legal advice to Government, Police, drafting of legal briefs and contract documents for the State Government. 
Barrister Anna had the privilege of working with three Governors: Col. Hameed Ali, Col. Umaru and Alh. Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi. In 2002, she was called upon to work at the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice in Abuja as Chief Registrar. 
Non-Political Appointments
– Chancellor-Anglican Diocese of Katsina, 1994
– Deputy Chancellor-Anglican Diocese of Kaduna
– Legal adviser-Our Saviour’s Anglican School.
– Chairperson International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), 
Kaduna Branch, and other Several associations.
Workshops and Training Attended
– New Constitution and Transition to Civil rule 1989.
– Crime and Crimes Control in 1990
– International Contracts Negotiations in 1990
– Use of Computer Print-Out Evidence in 1992
– Challenges of Legal Practice in the 21st Century Nigeria.
– Training on Preparation of Budget.
– Training in Advocacy, Mobilization and Counselling Skills in 1998
– International Visitors Program on US Judicial System in 2001.
– Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program, US-Sponsored.
– Leadership Training in Minnesota University, USA (special emphasis on Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) Methods.
What a First lady indeed, changing the Narratives. That’s what it means to have a wife as described in proverbs 31. Like husband like wife.
I didn’t know when I pulled out my phone to capture. Check the videos and pictures attached. Let them speak for themselves.

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