There have been mixed reactions about the ongoing dual carriage and flyover project in Jalingo, the Taraba State capital. Some groups are of the opinion that the project is not a priority in Taraba. They argued that the huge amount of money the project will gulp should have been used for the construction of road networks within the state capital. Others are in full support of the project and lauded it as timely.
I am with the second group and for obvious reasons. I believe that the dualization of the road is a gigantic achievement for not only Governor Darius but for Taraba State. In fact, if fully completed, DDI’s name will be written in the book of history as a Governor who changed the face of Taraba state for the benefit of all!
Below are my reasons:
Have you noticed that those coming from outside Taraba hardly notice the state capital? This is because there is no structural difference between the state capital and Mutum Biyu (Gossol) or Wukari? 
Honestly, it is disappointing and shameful that the state has been in existence for years and has no such infrastructure. If you travel to other states, you don’t need to be told where the state capital is because the infrastructure will announce it to you.
I think the project will change the face of the state as well as the impression of those from other states who belittle the superiority of our dear state.
Secondly, the project will ease the movement of people and motorists in Taraba. Though few pessimists say the population in Jalingo is not much that would demand a dualization of the road and the flyover but my own opinion, I think they have ignored the future value of the project. Just yesterday, it was reported that two people died due to congestion in Jalingo’s main market. The need to think with the future insight cannot be overemphasized and the importance of this project shouldn’t be downplayed on the basis of population.
The flyover project will save our future from the congestion burden, as it stands, rural-urban migration is on the increase and the population in Jalingo is rapidly growing. To me, the project is timely as it is futuristic enough to address our future challenges. 
Thirdly, I don’t know if those criticizing this project know that heavy infrastructure like this will attract investors and ease commercial activities in the state. Honestly, it will.
Finally, this project, for me, is like killing two giant birds with a stone. This is because the money used for the construction of the road will be refunded by the FG since it is a trunk A road. The refund can be used to build a road network within the state capital and other places. It is for the best, I must say.
It is in these notes that I urge the good people of Taraba state to support the project, appreciate it, be proud of it and ask for more.
Thank you, DDI for this giant stride. We are grateful and we shall continue to pray for the peace, unity, and development of our only home Taraba.

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