The saying goes, prevention is better than cure, thus I don’t have to wait for a case to be recorded in Taraba before I take precautionary measures to safeguard my people. Whatever is done is done in the best interest of all and for the good of all. We are coming out of this strong” – Gov Darius Ishaku
Leadership mettle, it is said, are forged in battles. Research has shown that certain traits exist within leaders including extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness to experience. These traits were rather glaring as Governor DDI showed the stuff he is made of in trying to contain what would have been a catastrophic spread of the pandemic among his people. Coincidentally, and thankfully so, Governor Darius, who was nursing injuries sustained from a domestic accident in Abuja, got a clean bill of health and returned to Jalingo just in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.
Rarely did he settle down when he restricted movements across the state. This was done after the state’s COVID-19 sets up and gave terms of references which include amongst others, restriction of movement of people from/into the state, setting up of containment and isolation centers with functional ventilators and other equipment, drafting front line personnel such as health workers, etc. The duo of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Muslim Council, Taraba State Chapters, were given money to provide basic precautionary items such as soaps, water, hand sanitizers to be placed at worship centers and nose masks to be distributed to their faithful. 
Security personnel were stationed at Zing, Mayo-Lope, Wukari, Takum and other border towns to ensure that the influx of people into the state is highly restricted. This paid off in no small measure. You may recall that most of the travelers, from whom we got our index cases, were travelers who were intercepted by the mechanism that the Governor has put in place. So far, Taraba State does not have other cases except for the intercepted travelers. It is no news that the Governor was himself at the city gate where he returned some incoming vehicles into the state. It may also be recalled that Governor Darius returned the Almajiri students brought from Nassarawa state for lack of following due process by the Nassarawa State government as agreed at the Northern Governors Forum. It takes a visionary leader that loves his people, their welfare and wellbeing to be that proactive.
Governor Darius, a conscientious leader, did not stop at being proactive only in containing the spread of the virus. He provided palliatives to all the 168 wards in Taraba State. The State government supplemented palliatives and medical equipment provided by the FG, Victim Support Fund (VSF), North East Development Commission (NEDC) which were distributed across the length and breadth of Taraba State. Darius has, during this COVID-19 crisis, rallied all Tarabans together, irrespective of creed, to fight a common enemy and his proactiveness in taming the monster is paying off nicely. 
The First Lady, Wife of the Governor, Barr. Anna Darius, NAA Ndola, was not left out. She under the  Hope Afresh Foundation provided palliatives to the less privileged and those suffering from the effect of the lockdown occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic.
We don’t have vaccines for Coronavirus. We may not have the resources to set up a state of the art facility for COVID-19. But we have a governor who cares and is imbued with the wisdom to achieve more with fewer resources. What is, therefore, required of any well-meaning Taraban is to give the governor full support because “Together we can, together is easier.”
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