The Threat Of A Failed Selfish Aim.

The Threat Of A Failed Selfish Aim.

The social media space was recently awashed with empty salvos of threat on the Executive Governor of Taraba state and his Deputy. The threat came from one Mr. Bako Benjamin, who gave ultimatum on the Governor, Arch. Darius and security threat on his Deputy, Engr. Manu.

A lot of threats passed under the bridge all in attempt the smear the leadership of the state. A lot of people ask questions, who is Bako Benjamin, what interest is he representing, how have he helped finding solution go the security challenges in Taraba and South Taraba, is he based in Taraba or South Taraba, where is his root in Taraba, is he a body corporate, when was he elected as a leader of an association in South Taraba, what personal interest has he with the Governor of Taraba?…

Mr. Bako was seen recently threatening the government of Taraba, pointing at the Deputy Governor of the state. He had earlier threatened the Governor following the renewed hostilities on South Taraba by Tiv militias. Mr. Bako’s media gaffe has now put jobs in the hands of unprofessional media outlets, who now spread wrong news and impressions about the Governor of Taraba. After failures to achieve his personal aims, Mr. Bako ate what he threw up with an apology to the Deputy: https://m.facebook.com/groups/308385159300525?view=permalink&id=1732856840186676
This will make every average Taraba citizens wonder what he is looking for.

It is now clear that, he is on a selfish mission now in the interest of peace and development, not in the interest of the peace of Taraba and Southern part of the state, not in the interest to find lasting solution to the crisis between the Jukun/Tivs.

Mr. Bako’s recent act clearly show traits of a traitor, a profiteer and an unpatriotic citizens of Taraba. He is uses’ an association name to ply his threat which will not be taken be the citizens of the state.

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