Governor Darius Ishaku’s effort at tracking COVID 19.

Joachim Dangana Peters.

COVID 19 is a new virus linked to the same family as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome SARS.According to UNICEF the virus is transmitted through direct contact with an infected person through coughing,sneezing and surfaces contaminated with the virus.

Viruses have spent many years perfecting the art of surviving without living a frighteningly effective strategy that makes them a potent threat in today’s world.

That’s especially true of the deadly new corona virus that has brought global society to a screeching halt.But as soon as it gets into a human airway, the virus hijacks the cells to create millions more versions of itself.

There is a certain evil genius to how this corona virus pathogen works,It finds easy purchase in humans without them knowing,before its first host even develops symptoms, it is already spreading its replicas everywhere, moving onto its next victim. It is powerfully deadly in some but mild enough in others to escape containment. And for now, we have no way of stopping it.

As researchers race to develop drugs and vaccines for the disease that has already sickened as at March 26,2020 over 472,030 and killed more than 21,297 people while 114,713 people have recovered globally.

Between chemistry and biology
Respiratory viruses tend to infect and replicate in two places: In the nose and throat, where they are highly contagious, or lower in the lungs, where they spread less easily but are much more deadly.

When it started in China  no one thought it could take this global dimension with over 46 persons   now affected by the COVID 19 in Nigeria and still counting.

A lot have been done to contain the spread of the virus in Nigeria particularly in Taraba State where Governor Darius Ishaku on arrival from a medical sojourn did a statewide broadcast on the need for the people to maintain good sense of hygiene and social distancing.Although this effort was misconstrued by some persons who felt the Governor has a grand design to restrict religious worship and social gatherings forgetting that all was done to protect them.

Furthermore, it is a truism that the COVID 19 virus has not entered the State but Tarabans need to appreciate Governor Darius Ishaku for the effort made so far by setting up a technical committee and also held meeting with the leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria CAN.Taraba State Chapter and the Moslem Council with the charge for them to sensitise the people about the virus.The Governor also went ahead to give Civil servants in the State from grade level 1 to 12 two weeks break to enable them stay at home as government monitor and assess COVID 19.

Suffix,it to say all this effort put in place by the Governor was not political since it was done for the good of all irrespective of any affiliations which must be appreciated by people of goodwill.

In addition, as Government are doing their part there is every need for Non governmental organization,Media and activist of varying degrees to intensify campaign on Corona Virus.

Symptoms associated with the Virus includes fever,cough,tiredness,shortness of breath,muscles ache,head aches,sore throat,stuffy or running nose,cold and flu.

It now behooves on the people to respect the directives of Government at all levels by using sanitizers,maintain good hygiene by washing of hands regularly with soap and water,avoid contact with any one who has cold or flu like syndrome and  maintain social distancing as preventive measures for the COVID 19 not to spread to Taraba State.

A healthy Taraba State is possible which needs the adherence of the people to all precautionary measures.


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