An Act of Desperation by Opposition in Taraba state

By Maimuna Ibrahim.

The attitude of the opposition has become something of desperation as they are only interested in propagating falsehood, sentiments and misleading information regarding the activities of the state government and such act of calumny is only seen as propaganda because it does not contain verifiable facts about the state of governance.

It could be recalled that the former and out of favour APC State chairman, Jika Ardo made some falsified, unverified, frivolous and contemptuous statements recently where he claimed to know the amount of money the DDI administration had received from 2015 to date of which his claims were nothing close to the truth as he is bereaved of ideas and happenings. He only spoke based on assumption, speculation and emotion to deceive the innocent public.

Also, the present APC chairman of the state, Ibrahim Elsudi who resides in Abuja since 2015, followed a similar path by quoting some unverified financial activities embarked on by the DDI administration and is calling on the various financial crime commissions to dim their searchlight on the activities of the governor and his administration.

It is a known fact that Elsudi who happens to be the APC state chairman is only spreading frivolous and unverified information based on assumptions and should understand better how financial institutions operate in Nigeria rather than making such unethical claims.

The same people who are spreading such information are the same people who are also campaigning for the governor to hand over. How can someone like Elsudi who have been in Abuja claim that the governor borrowed such a large amount of money?

A man like Elsudi only feeds on falsehood and should know that making such contradictory statements is uncalled for. After his predecessor, Jika Ardo accused the governor of mismanagement, Elsudi is now alleging that the governor borrowed a huge amount of money.

Whether the opposition like it or not, the good people of Taraba are unperturbed neither will we be deceived by the continuous propaganda by the likes of Elsudi, Jika and the opposition.

God bless Taraba state,
God bless Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku,
God bless Engr. Haruna Manu,
God bless the Members, Taraba state House of Assembly.

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