Why are you dressed like receptionist of hellfire? – Lady attacks Dino Melaye

Why are you dressed like receptionist of hellfire? – Lady attacks Dino Melaye 

With over one million followers on Twitter, Dino Melaye is undoubtedly one of the most influential Nigerian politicians who use social media to air their views and promote their causes. The former senator also makes use of social media to showcase his affluent life. If he is not displaying his garage with his fleet of cars, he may be up to some bike riding on the streets of the Federal Capital Territory. However, just as he has thousands of supporters on the social media who hail him as an outspoken politician, there are also thousands who believe that some of his actions and utterances on social media are unbefitting of his status. And there are those who just make use of his social media posts to “catch fun.” A Nigerian lady, Amy. with the Twitter handle @amy_gukas may fit into the last category.
Recently, Senator Melaye tweeted a photo of himself wearing a suit with fire design. The tweet only has over 1,000 likes and 162 retweets. However, when Amy retweeted with a hilarious comment attacking the former lawmaker’s dress style, the photo went viral as the tweet has over 8,000 retweets and more than 19,000 likes. “So why are you dressed like the receptionist of hell fire,” the lady asked sarcastically.
However, a mild drama ensued when the organisers of the award called Garba Shehu, a spokesperson of President Muhammadu Buhari, to present the award to the former senator.
The mention of Garba resulted in guests clapping and hailing in surprise.

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