Mesut Ozil to fund 1,000 kids’ operations after feeding 100,000 homeless people

– Arsenal star player, Mesut Ozil, has fed 100,000 homeless people and is planning to fund the operations of 1,000 kids – The feeding was done after his wedding, after which he said that was his marriage gift to the world – Ozil’s passion for charity is heavily influenced by his mother who told him to always share his wealth with the needy Top Arsenal player, Mesut Ozil, has fed 100,000 homeless people and plans to fund 1000 kids’ operations through his charity work. Ozil’s act of charity was heavily influenced by his mum and what she told him in a letter, The Sun reports. The letter which has since been framed and hung on the star player’s wall without mincing words told him to always share his wealth with people in need.
That explains why he has always been about helping those in great need. Shortly after his marriage with former Miss Turkey, Amine Gukse, the footballer promised to bankroll operation costs of 1,000 children across the globe.
“Then, during last year’s World Cup, he told me ‘I want to do this bigger. Let’s change the lives of 1,000 kids, let’s do 1,000 operations’. “I said ‘This will cost you millions’. But he replied ‘If I don’t share my money now, when will I? And with whom?,” his German-agent, Erkut Sogut, said. As if that was not enough, he also said he would be spending his funds on feeding a great number of 100,000 homeless people in different refugee camps in places like Turkey and Syria. Sogut said the feeding cost the footballer a huge sum as the player told the agent that it is his wedding present to the world. “It cost Mesut a huge amount of money that day. But it was something he was very passionate about,” he said. The player paid for the meals in full as the Red Cross helped to deliver them to where they were needed.

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