Why Buhari won’t restructure Nigeria how some want it done — Presidency

The Presidency has explained that President Muhammadu Buhari, though committed to the restructuring of Nigeria, won’t do it the way some Nigerians have been agitating to have it done.
The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu, explained the position of the Presidency at a media parley with House of Representatives Correspondents.
Shehu said though Buhari was committed to the restructuring of the country, he would not go outside of the law in doing it.
He advised Nigerians to take advantage of the constitutional amendment being proposed by the National Assembly to put forward their case for restructuring.
He said Buhari was committed to restructuring the country as contained in the manifesto of his party, All Progressives Congress, but will never side track the National Assembly.
Shehu said: “We in the APC are committed to restructuring.
“Read the manifesto of the APC.
“It is stated there and so we are not running away from it.
“President Buhari is ready to restructure the country.
“The problem we have with a lot of the proponents of restructuring is that they are looking for the fastest way to that restructuring.
“They don’t want to use the parliament.
“They want to use extra constitutional bodies and that is untidy.
“If you are a democrat, you abide by the processes.
“The parliament is the institution of government working with the executive and the judiciary.
“For you to say no you want to do a congress at Yaba Market Square and debate, do you want to cause a fight.
“We must be organised and follow due process.
“If you have a case on restructuring, come to the parliament.
“In any case, the Senate President has announced that this 9th Parliament will start constitutional amendment in January.
“So, bring your issue.
“These are intelligent people voted for by the people.
“Those who shout restructuring saying they want a parallel body to-do that, we have said to them that they are wrong.
“The sovereignty of the people resides with the parliament and so, if you want to restructure the country, come to the parliament.
“If you don’t have confidence in the parliamentarians you have voted for, wait for four years and vote them out and choose another set of people.
“But you cannot circumvent the role of the parliament in a democracy and it is key to whatever restructuring you want.”
On the Social Media Bill, Shehu told newsmen: “It is your responsibility as the media to help the Nigerian Government on the issue of hate speech before the parliament.
“The Minister of Information, who speaks for the Nigerian Government, has spoken of the necessity of a law to govern social media.
“I am being careful on what he wants to do because I think there are parallel processes going on.
“I also blame the media for creating unnecessary controversy.
“If you look at the law being discussed, the media has focused more on the death penalty for fake news.
“You have a responsibility of studying that bill.
“Only a few days ago, the American Ambassador met the sponsor of that bill and at the end, he said Nigerians should have a rethink.
“It is your duty to reap it open and tell Nigerians what it contained.
“The bill is not all about death penalty or free speech.
“I think we have a problem that Nigerians have to address.
“Nobody is saying that President Buhari or the parliament should impose a law against the press.
“I am happy that they will hold public hearing on this and if you have any objection to some of the elements, come forward and tell parliament that you have objection.
“This country needs a law that will regulate social media and attack fake news.”
On the relationship between the executive and the legislature and the fears that the current National Assembly might be a rubber stamp, Shehu said: “Anybody who is thinking that because the parliament and the executive have worked together on the finance bill and the budget within record time, so we are dealing with a rubber stamp parliament, such a person better look bac k and see what happened in the past.”

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