My mother and I are in support of social media bill, President Buhari’s daughter, Zahra says

My mother and I are in support of social media bill, President Buhari’s daughter, Zahra says

The daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari, Zahra Indimi, has expressed support for the controversial social media regulation bill being referred to by many as anti-social media bill.

She stated this while lamenting how Nigerians always attack her on social media over her father’s actions.

According to a report by The Interview, Zahra spoke during the first edition of “An Afternoon with Zahra”, an event organised in Abuja by her foundation, ZMB Homes and tagged #ConversationWithZahra.

The event, which participants paid N10,000 to attend, had several young Nigerians in attendance.

On attacks she suffered on social media, cyber bullies, and how she was able to develop courage to handle them she said:

“2015 was when I knew what bullying was. It started with my photos going viral. I was actually having a yoga class and I was sweating but people were busy sending my pictures up and down. People used it for their gain during the campaign.

“But the issue changed the way people looked at my dad because they didn’t know that we were educated, we could speak English, and we could dress. So it changed a few things for good. It showed another light. People then understood that in the North not everybody is illiterate.

“The 2015 elections went well. After 100 days, then the blow started coming. ‘Zahra your father did this… Zahra your father did that. But seriously, am I in office with him? Do I take any vital decision?

“Did you understand why some decisions are being taken? When I post my picture, it is my picture. It is not your child’s picture. I kept wondering why people do this to me constantly.”

To victims of cyber bullying, Zahra said, “I know we have people who are victims here. So to be honest, if you are a victim you need to feel sorry for those people; they want to be where you are and they are not there. So they will try to pull you down. Would you let them pull you down? No. You need to know that you have the values that someone also wants.”

On her position on the controversial social media bill, which has passed second reading in the Senate, the daughter of the president said, “Whatever it (the bill) is, you need to understand and know the implication of the bill. So that’s what we need to do as young people.

“We need to research more, understand what is going on instead of just making silly comments every now and then and blaming people for no reason. So I am in support of regulations, but fair regulations.”

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